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GitHub: A Quick Tutorial

 GitHub Table of Content Introduction Lets get started create Repository Project to Upload Upload Project Download and modify a repository Introduction GitHub is a free code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It enables us to have access to someone else code that we can use and even modify. GitHub uses Git. Git is the version control system. For a developer or an IT specialist, it is essential to have a GitHub account with projects on it. Some terms that are needed to know: Push - Add the local repository to the remote/online repository. Clone - Make a copy of the remote repository to local machine. Pull - used to fetch and download content from a remote repository and immediately update the local repository to match that content. Commit - Record changes that happened to one or more files in the repository. Lets get started steps: Create a GitHub Account. Follow the instructions. Lets create a new repository. Have a project ready. Upload Project Using Command line

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